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Is Pineapple Safe For Dogs? Yes!

Photo by Gabriel Yuji on Unsplash

Take A Look At All The Healthy Benefits:

  1. Hydration: Pineapples are 82% water, so they carry excellent hydration properties if your dog needs additional moisture on a hot day.

  2. Antioxidants: Help repair damage cells.

  3. Vitamin C: Boosts your dogs immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

  4. Vitamin B6: An important coenzyme for brain and body functions regulating hormones and supporting neurotransmitters in your dog's body.

  5. Minerals: Support healthy skin and coat, strong ligaments and tissues.

  6. Bromelain: An enzyme that provides powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It's also thought to be natures histamine and may help with skin issues.

Tropical Treasures

Once your dog sinks their teeth into these yummy treats, they will be begging for more! Healthy treats are what your dogs deserve! here

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