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Love your dog just not the mess?

let us do the dirty work for you!


1 dog $20.00    once a week

1 dog $35.00   twice a week

2 dogs $35.00  once a week

2 dogs $50.00   twice a week

3 dogs $45.00 once a week

3 dogs $60.00 twice a week

One Time Cleanup

$60.00 30 minutes each additional 1/2 hour $15.00 charge.

all dog waste will be double bagged and placed in homeowners trash can


                Terms Of Service

please read the following terms of service carefully before you agree to dog waste removal services from Sophies Paw Pals. 

                Terms of service

The customer understands our ability to provide the services can be dependent on weather, condition of grass height, access to your yard which is your own responsibility, and other unknow outside influences.

All prices are based on an area size of 1/8 of acre. larger areas will have additional charge.


The customer understands that if Sophies Paw Pals can't access the area needing cleaning due to locked/blocked gates or dogs in yard, the scoop will be skipped and charges will still apply. If customer requests we come back, a $5 driving fee will be added to customers bill.


will work through the rain and cold as long as we can safely do so. The customer understands we cannot work through severe thunderstorms, high winds or flooding. Sophies Paw Pals is a MONTHLY subscription service, we do not offer refunds for missed weeks due to weather. Therefor in these cases, we skip services for that week, a refund will not be issued as we still have to pick up all the poop that would have been scooped the prior week.


Sophies Paw Pals dose not provide service on the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. If your pick up day falls on one of these days, we will skip service that week and pick up the following week. There are no refunds for missed pick up. we will still have to do the work and pick up the poop from the week prior.


Sophies Paw Pals pre bills monthly for our service. Your account will be charged on the 1st of the month for service. If card is declined. we will discontinue service immediately until the issue has been resolved. If more than 30 days has passed since your last clean up, a first time clean up fee will be applied.

One Time Cleanings will be billed after the service has been completed. payment is due within 24 hours. If payment becomes more than 30 days past due s Sophies Paw Pals will turn your account over to collections.

Leaves, Debris, And Tall Grass

we will do our best to clean your yard the best we can. The customer understands that it can be very difficult to find poop in tall grass or in a yard full of leaves or other debris .If your grass is tall when we come there may be some dog waste that is missed. We will be back on our next scheduled visit and will get anything we missed if yard maintenance is complete.

Additional Fees:

come back fee $5

waiting- if you make us wait to perform your cleaning $5 

late payment fee of $10 added to each bill that is late. payment is due the 1st of each month, bill becomes late on the 3rd of each month

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