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We started Sophie's Paw Pals in honor of our sweet baby girl Sophie. We rescued her from a shopping cart in a supermarket parking lot in the middle of summer. We recently lost our baby girl. When she got sick we took her to the vet and as we sat waiting for her in the room I started thinking about all of  the what if's? What if they cant save our baby? What if the bill is so high we can't save her? What if we have to choose between paying our bills or saving Sophie? It is a horrible feeling having to make that kind of decision. As we continued  to wait I started to reflect back on the 10 years we had with her, I thought about how much we loved her, how we  looked forward to her smiling face and wiggly little body everyday. I thought about all the love, laughs, joy and silly little things she would do (that are tremendously missed) I thought about how we would have never had this unconditional love from her if we had not rescued her that day.


The moment came when the nurse walks in to give us the news. Unfortunately it was not good news and everything they need to do for her was going to be in the thousands! The nurse left the room to give us time to make our decision on what we wanted to do. My thoughts had just became my worst  NIGHTMARE!! I Immediately broke into tears because we didn't want to loose our baby. But we also didn't have the money! We gave them everything we had and went home and prayed that she would pull through. Unfortunately we got a call at 2:19 AM that Sophie had passed away. We were devastated to say the least. I wondered why my prayers were not heard ? Why did God take her from us? We were not ready to let her go. The more I thought about it I realized God did answer my prayers not just the way I wanted them. If she had not passed away we would have had to face the decision of having to put her down because we just could not afford the vet bill and God did not want us to have to make that kind of decision. She left a huge hole in our hearts and our house will never be the same without her. In fact as I'm writing this there are tears falling down my face.

We also have two handsome boys. Barry and Marlow which we rescued from a backyard breeder.


Barry was our first rescue. Barry is so in touch with our feelings, if your sick, sad, or just having a bad day he's right by your side snuggling you and kissing you. He definitely is the worry wort of the family. 

Then there's Marlow..... We rescued him about a month after Barry. They actually came from the same litter. He's a little stinker. He make's us laugh everyday with his spunky personality and the attention he demands.

These dogs mean the world to us and our family has been blessed to have them in our lives. That's why it is our goal to provide a better quality of life to as many animals as we can!  



Our Mission is to provide life-changing comfort items to shelter animals, rescue groups and wildlife sanctuaries by donating pet food, blankets, towels, beds, leashes, collars and other supplies.



The Sophie's paw pals cares fund! Helping keep fur babies with their families by providing emergency vet care funding. When trying to save a beloved pet we must often times face the hard decision to accumulate debt or lose them. In some cases people have to make the decision to put their pets down when faced with the thousands it can cost for care, we hope to change that for some people.


Every purchase made helps to support animals in need. We post updates on donations monthly, so you know what you help support.


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